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Baghavad Gita with OM

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Beauty Meets Cutting Edge Technology

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About the Medallion

Circular medallion comes in 3 sizes and sealed with an optically clear crystal window.  The large is 28mm or about the size of a half dollar.  The medium is 25.4mm or an inch and about the size of a quarter.  The small is 19mm and is about the size of a penny.  The charm can be set in a coin bezel or in a pendant locket.  We bond these medallions into a hand machined stainless steel setting if sold by itself or into an interchangeable coin locket.  For other settings, the medallions will be fitted into those settings directly.

Boxed in jewelry gift case, each medallion will come with QR code card enclosed to access the app to view the image on the medallion.

Beauty Meets Cutting Edge Technology
NanoRosetta Jewelry is created with NanoRosett® engraving technology, breakthrough technology that allows massive amounts of graphical information to be written on medallions the size of a dime to half-dollar. The medallions are truly archival, and has been tested to withstand wear and tear for 300 generations.

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